“I won’t wait for the Police to tell my father that I am dead” – Shatta Wale to Police.

Most popular Ghanaian musician Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known as Shatta Wale who was alleged to have been shot on October 18 has finally spoken.

According to Shatta Wale, a pastor in this country prophesied that on October 18, he will be shot dead by some gunmen which he sees as a threat to his life and also got him through physiological and emotional trauma.

Shatta Wale on his facebook official page addresses Ghanaians after Police came out with a release that they are investigating circumstances surrounding his alleged gunshot.

He expressed his disappointment in the Ghana Police Service for pretending not to have seen the false prophesy threatening his life through their cyber crime department to take action therefore can’t wait for them to go and tell his father that his son is dead.

According to him, if his life is threatened and there is no law to take action then he guess to do what is right in the eyes of God which he did by faking his alleged gunshot news on the said date as prophesied by the fake pastor.

He further stated that, there are pastors who always say things and later plan evil to it so that people will see them as powerful men of God. He continue to say that, if what he did will make him stop music then so be it because he is tired of the negativities of this country.

Some Ghanaians are not happy with what Shatta Wale described as a prank and demanding for his arrest for causing fear and panic in the life of the ordinary Ghanaian.

I have just just two questions that needed to be answered;

  1. According to law, what are the procedures to go through to get the Police inform when you feel like your life is being threaten by someone?
  2. Some Ghanaians are demanding for the arrest of Shatta Wale for causing fear and panic in the lives of Ghanaians. Can this charges hold against him after stating his reason for his action?

Story by: Felix Senyo Awofiade

Published by Awofiade Felix Senyo

I'm a student journalist who is always dreaming of becoming a great writer one day.

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